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Deepavali Celebration - AM Session
Basketball Game: Metta School & Singapore Pools
9th National Disability League Basketball 2014
Visio To Pasir Panjang Wholesale Market
Campfire Burning! Campfire Burning!
Deepavali Celebration - AM Session On 23 October, the am session celebrated Deepavali which symbolises the "Festival of Lights" to Hindus all over the world. To begin with the celebration, Savin ( V1-7 ) and Rani ( V2-1) presented the "Celebrate With My Family" power point during assembly time. After that, the students continued with activities in their classes. Read the Full Story
Basketball Game: Metta School & Singapore Pools 12 students from basketball CCA were fortunate to have a friendly game with staffs from Singapore Pools. Mr Steven Teo coordinated the date and time for the game and also arranged for Mcdonald meal for students, teacher and the basketball coach. Read the Full Story
9th National Disability League Basketball 2014 On 20th September, 12 Metta students from Basketball CCA participated in the league at Tampines West Community Center. Students were divided into 3 teams as they competed in 3 by 3 competition. Team 1 and Team 2 were boys under 17 team & Metta girls’ team. Read the Full Story
Visio To Pasir Panjang Wholesale Market On 19 August 2014, V1-3 and V1-4 students visited the wholesale market. It was a real experience for them to be in a wholesale market and they were able to expand their knowledge on the varieties of vegetables, fruits and dry ration that are imported from other countries to Singapore. Read the Full Story
Campfire Burning! Campfire Burning! Metta ‘Simba’ scouts participated in the Extension Scouts Campfire on Saturday, 23 August 2014. This campfire, organised by Raffles Institution started with a mini carnival and ended with a small celebration. There were seven other schools that joined in the event, and we were the first school to arrive. Read the Full Story

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