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2018 EIPIC Open House

The yearly Metta School Open House, held for the parents and staff of EIPIC Centres and schools was held on Friday, 23rd March 2018. Held from 2.00 – about 4.30pm, the response this year was hearteningly overwhelming and we received over 130 attendees.

The event commenced with a welcome by our Vice-Principal, Mrs Liu followed by the presentation by our Principal, Mdm So Kah Lay who shared about the school vision and mission, various programmes offered in Metta School, the possible progression pathways for our students as well as the success stories of our students. This was trailed by the presentation by the Head of Program of the MID Junior Programme, Ms Karen Loh and Head of Program of the Autism Programme, Ms Masita Selamat, who both shared the curriculum and activities that each programme offers.

The attendees were then entertained with an array of wonderful performances by the school Ukulele, Sparks, Circus Arts and Wushu Performing Groups. The groups received a rousing applause and many compliments!

The guests were then taken on a tour to the school facilities such as our visual arts room where they were able to view our students’ pottery pieces and live demonstration of students working on their mosaic, batik and Chinese calligraphy pieces.

There was also a tour of the special rooms where our students learn and receive training, including the ICT VR Room, Home Economics room and the Pre Vocational Rooms as well as the training facilities for the ITE Skills Certification (ISC) Programme.

The audience also had the privilege of observing lessons in progress in both our MID and ASD Programmes. It provided them with an insight into the class setting and structure as well as how the lessons are conducted.

The parents of the EIPIC students also attended a briefing by Ms Marilyn Tan, our school psychologist who briefed them about the admission criteria and process.

The event culminated at the hall with refreshment and Q&A session. The attendees had the opportunity to interact with school staff, particularly the Allied Health Professionals and tour leaders, who were able to provide clarifications and answers to their queries.

We received positive feedback from the guests who attended. They were appreciative that the sessions were informative and cited the tours as being the most instructive and useful. They were impressed with the programmes the school offers as well as the dedication and passion of the school staff.