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8th to 10th May Learning Journey

To provide our students from the ASD Junior and Lower B programme with opportunities to apply appropriate social behaviour and self-management skills learnt in school to authentic settings beyond the classroom, the school organized a 3-day learning journey from 8th to 10th May to the following three places, namely the Arts and Science Museum, Gardens by the Bay and Singapore Science Centre as post-examination activities.

At the Future World exhibition located in the Arts and Science museum, both our ASD and MID students made use of their sense of sight, hearing and touch to explore the interactive art projects, with light and sound installations, on display. For some of the ASD students, the interactive play with the exhibits provided them with self-regulation opportunities. There were also art work stations whereby students could draw and scan their art pieces to create their very own 3-D artwork. For most of our students, this was their first time visit to the place, so they really enjoyed the sensory experience.

It was back to Mother Nature on the second day of the Learning journey to Gardens by the Bay. Students loved the waterfall experience as they felt exhilarated when the cool water droplets rained down on them. Though it was teeming with tourists, the place had a calming and uplifting effect on students and teachers as they admired and took photographs of tulips and other exotic flowers and plants from the Tropical Montane region. The Cloud Forest and the Flower Dome became a Science classroom for our students as they learnt the names of flowers and parts of a plant. Students learnt to appreciate flowers and the environment when they were told not to pluck flowers or trample on plants and flower beds. It was a wonderful and memorable experience for all who went on this journey!

The last venue for the learning journey was the Singapore Science Centre. Students were amazed and intrigued as they saw their friends’ head appear on a platter of fruits during their exploration in the hall of optical illusions.

They learned about the newton’s law of gravity as they sent a ball down an undulating ramp at the Rollercoaster exhibit. Students got a taste of natural disasters such as an earthquake or a typhoon through a VR simulator. The knowledge of the life cycle of animals as well as their animals was also reinforced during the visit. Students had fantastic fun in the Mirror Maze as they tried to find Professor Crackitt’s pet parrot which was lost in a maze of infinite reflections and endless hallways!

All in all, the students had a wonderful time during the 3-day learning journey. They brought back fond memories of the journey back to their classrooms and participated in post-outing activities and discussions.

Written by:
Karen Loh