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ASD Self Management Camp

Twelve students from the age of 10 to 15 years in the ASD programme attended the 3D 2N Self Management Training Camp at the Aranda Country Club from 8th to 10th May. These campers had no prior experience with camping, and majority of them lack self-management & organization skills in their daily living.

On the first day, the activities started with students learning to communicate with their peers through games followed by grocery shopping. They practised the purchasing skills they learnt in school at the supermarket. In groups, they put into practice the meal preparations skills by  preparing a dish for lunch to be shared and clearing up after lunch.

Upon checking in at the chalet, visual supports and schedules were provided to help students to orientate with the new environment and to follow schedules set. The participants were guided to carry out daily routines, manage their own belongings such as separating soiled clothes from clean ones, what to bring into the shower, prepare breakfast and snacks for outing. Housekeeping Skills like cleaning, mopping, wiping were also carried out.

During excursion, the students travelled on different mode of transport to get to the zoo. They learned to read signs and explore around the zoo to look for and to collect information for their project. They then shared their findings with their peers during the sharing session after dinner.

Self management training camp is a stepping stone to other camps. Most students in this camp are ready to move on to other camps though there are a few who need to attend this camp again to strengthen their skills.

Some feedback from students:

Demetriet: I like camp. I can mop the floor, wipe furniture, wash plates. At home, they say “Í’m small” (too young).

Irfan: Camp is good. I like the grocery shopping and preparing food with friends. I also liked to go to the zoo but I must remember to keep my wallet and EZ link card. Cannot lose it again !!” — a “precious” takeaway from this camp; at least, Irfan is more aware and will take good care of his personal belongings in future…

At the supermarket

Demetriet scanning grocery items

Kye Li selecting broccoli

Preparing Lunch

Jeremy preparing eggs and learning to scoop into tray

House Keeping

At the Zoo

Gathering info about Wild Africa

Collecting info on reptiles

Nabil sharing info with the group