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Performing and Visual Arts

Metta School offers our students a diversified range of aesthetic arts in our Performing and Visual Arts Programme.  It serves as a platform for the students to pursue their interests, discover their hidden talents and to develop skills beyond academia.

The performing arts provide students the opportunity to be immersed in a culturally rich, multi-faceted and dynamic learning environment. They learn the importance of teamwork and racial harmony when performing together.

The visual arts provide students an avenue for self-expression and creativity. Students experience an increase in their self-esteem as they acquire new skills. Their motor skills are also developed.

Encouraging them to harness their interests and talents beyond academia, our flourishing range of aesthetic arts (listed as follows) tap on their natural ability to relate to colour and form, paving for creative avenues of self-expression and engaging alternatives to occupational therapy:






Mosaic Art


Arts & Crafts




Music & Drama


Batik Painting






Chinese Calligraphy






Chinese Orchestra


Lion Dance



The availability of all these artistic settings allows our students to build up their commitment towards excellence and foster cultural sensitivities. Perseverance, patience, teamwork and discipline are cultivated in the passionate execution of their performing talents, thus fulfilling the broader agenda of character building.