Metta School Choir

Metta School started our choir group in 2006. It was initiated by a group of students who are greatly interested in singing. They approached a teacher to request that a choir be included in the school's PVA programme. Initially, there were only about eight enthusiastic members, and they started showing their talents in various performances in school and other corporate functions.

Among the events that they have participated in include the joint choir performance with CHIJ choir group for the Special Olympic Games theme song, NCSS Award presentation event and many others.

Over the years, the pioneer batch of students graduated and left. They are many new members who joined the group because they love to sing, but do not have the flair for singing. Many of our members have specific deficiencies in the psychological, social and sensory domains ( esp. auditory issues). As a result, our objective has been more focused in nurturing and developing the essential skills for singing, taking into consideration their specific weaknesses. Despite their inadequacies, the popularity of our group grows stronger everyday, and we are consistently invited to perform in school and other external events.

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