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Metta School Open House (11/3/2016)

Metta School Open House

On Friday, 11 March 2016, Metta School organized its annual Open House for parents and caregivers of children from the various EIPIC centres. The objective was to introduce the school programmes and activities so that parents are able to make more informed decisions regarding the educational pathway for their child/ward. A total of over 70 parents/caregivers attended the event.

The programme for the day included two presentations by our School Principal, Mdm So Kah Lay, and our Senior Psychologist, Mr Leonard Lau. Mdm So presented Metta School’s vision and mission and also the various educational programmes in the school. She also informed parents and caregivers about the vocational pathways offered by the school for senior students. Mr Lau, on the other hand, touched on matters pertaining to student admission. To showcase the talents of our students, three of our performing groups, namely the Wushu, Circus Arts and Music and Movement groups, put up performing items which they learnt during the school Performing Arts programme. The audience were certainly impressed by their talent and confidence.

At the end of the presentation, parents and caregivers were taken on a tour of various school facilities and class visits. They also had an opportunity to see other performing groups in session, namely the Ukulele Chinese Orchestra and Angklung groups. The visit to the visual arts rooms such as pottery, mosaic and batik rooms gave them a sneak peek into the visual arts programme in Metta School. Parents and caregivers were impressed by the well-furnished facilities that the school has put in place in order to enhance teaching & learning process. This is especially so for the training facilities for students in the ITE Skills Certification (ISC) programme. They had a clearer picture of the various ISC offered at Metta School and were amazed that our students were able to bake, cook and carry out various housekeeping tasks under the guidance and training of our trainers. The class visits gave them an idea of the learning atmosphere and academic work that the students in Metta School are engaged in. They had the opportunity to view the lessons in progress in both the MID and ASD programmes.

On the whole, the parents and caregivers who attended the Open House were impressed by the academic and non-academic curriculum offered by the school and all that the students were learning and doing. At the end of the event, refreshments were served and parents and caregivers had an opportunity to enquire more about the school and seek more information about the school from the staff.

By Siti Masita

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